Dr. Johan Joor

historical research

Other projects

Protest in Holland in the Napoleonic Period 1806-1813.


The topic of my thesis still has my attention. More studies about different aspects of protest have been published since 2000. More projects are developed.

The Continental System


Together with Dr. Katherine Aaslestad of West-Virginia University I have organized an international conference ‘The Napoleonic Continental System: Local, European, and Global Experiences and Consequences’, wich was held 19-21 May, 2011 in Amsterdam in the International Institute of Social History and in Teylers Museum Haarlem. Preliminary works for the publication of a volume with a selection of papers presented started directly after the conference. The volume has been released in November 2014 (offical year of publication 2015)(see also ‘Publications’)

Prosopography of burgomasters (mayors) during the Napoleonic Period


Research in preparation.

Monumental School- and textbook collections in the Netherlands


Since 2000 I am working on the research into schoolbooks and the description of large schoolbook collections in Holland. Initially this was a project of Dr. André Beening and myself. In the context of this project I am working in close cooporation with the Library of the University of Amsterdam and the National Museum of Education at Dordrecht on the foundation of a central institution of Institute which will coordinate the various monumental schoolbook collections in separate academic institutes and libraries in different places in Holland. This to harmonize projects, stimulate an unification of accessibility and stimulate scientific research into the schoolbooks. In the context of this project I took the initiative and co-organized a symposium in April 2007 about schoolbooks and schoolbooks collection at the Department of Education.

A plan for a systematic historical research into the history of the schoolbook in the Netherlands has been drafted.