Dr. Johan Joor

historical research


I work as an independent historian in a professional and scientific way. For me careful historical research into the archives and the consultation of source material are important, as is a good and clear positioning of the research into a historical context  and in relation to the background of society. However careful and reliable research is not the only feature for a professional historian to process good history. Equally important are a clear and an attractive communication between the research and its outcome and a historically and personally respectful sharing of the results with the clients and the public. In this respect accurate use of language together with a personal vision are essential, these characteristics are basic elements which inspire my work.

I have more than ten years experience in efficiently conducting solid and independent scientific historical research and in producing attractive and informative publications. My clients are private organizations and companies as well as public institutions.

I combine my profession of independent researcher with free scientific historical research, which is well received at national and international stages. I received my PhD in 2000 and I am affiliated as honorary research fellow with the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam.